Two beautiful owls sit on top of a six feet tall trunk with a lovely hedgehog at the foot.

​Made from cedar.



Chainsaw carving for sale


A lovely owl made from local cedar

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roadside carver


This Tigers head is full of character, making a perfect centre piece. He is made from Sweet Chestnut stands 25 inches high

Three foot totem pole made from local cedar wood



Here is a gorgeous oak fruit bowl made from the taproot of an oak tree found near Cromer. It is a perfect centrepiece and a real eye-catcher.

Gorgeous Woodpecker against the trunk of a tree, truly captures the essence of the bird.

Made from Cedar 


This majestic beast is a life-size carving of a Silver-Back Gorilla made from Cedarwood and is 5 foot tall

Stunning 'Owl on a Stump' adds both nature and creation into a space with the original roots still intact and the beautiful owl sat on top.

31 inch high and about 1m in width in some places

A lovely owl made from local cedar




The Fenland Wood Spirit-

This piece was carved from a bog yew found near Stock Ferry and could be over 7000 years old.