​​​If you're looking for a unique style of entertainment and artistry then speed carving might be what you're looking for. This is a very intricate and fascinating process to watch, perfect for all kinds of events from country fairs, to music festivals, and even Christmas fairs. I have even demonstrated my speed carving work on BBC1's 'Good Morning Dagenham'.

My van is a great backdrop for the displays at the events and it allows me to live onsite where ever I go.

This amazing demonstration can take the form of speed carving or all-day carving. The speed carving results in multiple different pieces which I am able to auction off the pieces which people watched being made right in front of them. 
All-day carving allows me to focus on one piece which can end up being six feet tall.
Another option is for myself and a group of local carvers can join together and create a fantastic display of artistry and noise- a thrilling sight at your local event or fair.

Chainsaw Carving Demonstrations

roadside carver

Here is my winner of The Norfolk Chainsaw Competition- The Man of Felbrigg Woods

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