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​​Wood is a natural material and splits are a naturally forming characteristic of it. Don't worry splitting will not cause the piece to break in half, but here are some tips to hopefully reduce the risk of splitting.

Caring for your carvings...

  • ​​The main thing you need to remember is to oil your carving until it has a gloss look. The gloss look stops moisture getting in to the carving and will reduce the chance of splitting when it warms up. I would advise you to oil your carving throughout spring and summer.
  • Try to keep your carving off the floor so air can flow through. You can drill a hole in the bottom and use a threaded metal rod for a dowel or plant pot feet to keep it off the floor.
  • If your carving is being kept outside then avoid the full sunlight in high summer as this can cause splitting. If being kept indoors then avoid heat sources such as direct sunlight and fires. The best place is an evenly heated room.
  • Your carving is more likely to split as the temperature increases in late spring to summer. In order to stop this happening you have to keep an eye on your carving and if you see a split forming then catch it with a lot of oil before it opens completely. (A good oil I have found is Rustin's Clear Decking Oil)

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